As the poet Reginald Bunthorne, Darrell J. Jordan’s expressive baritone is only matched by his equally expressive face and acting as he copes with the obtrusive attentions of the “twenty-lovesick maidens” all appreciably long in the tooth.
— The SunBreak
Jordan is hilarious and shameless in the very best way. There is no potential joke unmined. He uses his full range not only in the vocals but throughout his dialogue as well. These two [Colin Briskey, tenor and Jordan] have some of the best chemistry together onstage of all of the pairings.
— Drama in the Hood
...The star of the show, Darrell J. Jordan as Papageno. Think Tom Hulce as Mozart himself in the classic film version of Amadeus.
— Columbia Heart Beat
[On Mr. Jordan’s role in Susanna’s Secret] one of the most rousing performances on offer this season.
— The Stranger
Lyric baritone Darrell J. Jordan shines as the husband, Ignacio. He hits just the right tone in making Ignacio a handsome, clueless dork—who happens to have a beautiful voice.
— Broadway World
[On Mr. Jordan’s role of Ignacio in Bolcom’s Lucrezia] fine work!
— Ladue News
Baritone Darrell J. Jordan, as the clueless Gil, gives a classic blustery farce performance—a sort of old-school, commedia-dell’arte acting style that provides a sly analogue to his character’s sexual conservatism.
— Seattle Weekly
Appealingly sung!
— Chicago Tribune
Steamy and funny!
— Seattle City Arts
Resplendent [stage presence]!
— Chicago Classical Review